We started collecting birds as a small hobby and our hobby increased until we had a decent size bird farm in these North Georgia woods.  As we acquired more peafowl and pheasants we kept finding more that we wanted .  We are located near the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in some very beautiful country  but the Atlanta suburbs is rapidly advancing upon  us and changing our landscapes very often.  Progress does take its toll on simple country living.  But we try to blend in our country living as much as possible and live the country way of life that we love. We enjoy our birds very much and invite you to come enjoy them with us . 

The aviaries and small garden areas were entirely designed and constructed by Scott Tart .  Scott's  vision and hard work  have got us to where we are now.   He has done a great job building these aviaries. And of  course there seems to be maintenance problems that have to be taken care of daily.  We built most of our aviaries among the trees and the birds like this(we do too) but it does create some maintenance problems that would not be there if the pens were created in an open field, as so many aviaries are. 

This is an enjoyable hobby and we probably expanded
to our peak in 2009 and now we are cutting back a lot to make it a little easier to manage as some of us have started to feel our age a little.

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Peafowl  on a Foggy Morning in the Central Aviary
Garden Paths to the Peafowl Aviaries
 Snow in North Georgia, It happens, but rarely
 A Lazy Summer day in the Aviary
Young Black Shoulders Peacocks can strut too!
 Majestic Peacocks up high on a Winter Day
Mother Peahen with her Peachicks. We  raise all  peachicks on wire. This was an experiment just for our grandkids.
  Cute and Active  Young  Peachicks
  Some more  Juvenile Peafowl
   Variety of Peachicks
  India Blue Pied Peacock
 Black Shoulders Peacock and India Blue Pied Peacock
 Bronze Peacock and Midnight Black Shoulders Peacock
An Awesome View that I never Get Tired of Seeing
Black Shoulders Peachicks
  Cute Peachicks
Blue Pied and White Juvenile Peafowl
 White Peacock Overlooking the Aviary
 White Peacock and Peahen
 Peafowl on the Roost at Sundown
 India Blue Peafowl Enjoying a Winter Day
 India Blue Pied Peacock with some lady Admirer Peahens
  Silver and Red Golden Pheasants Chatting
  Two Old Guys Looking over the Aviary
   Peaceful Sunny Winter Day
   Content and Beautiful
  Two Beautiful Birds have Respect for each other
  A Proud Peacock
 Java Green (Muticus-Muticus) Peacock Displaying
 Java Green Peacock
 Java Green Peacock
 Java Green Peacock
 Java Green Peacock with Blue Eared Pheasants
 Java Green Peacock
 Java Green Peafowl
 Java Green Peacock
 Java Green Peacock
 Java Green Peacock
  We designed our own website and we update it periodically. We wanted it to be different than the normal 
  peafowl/pheasantry websites. Our aviaries are not the normal type large production pens because that 
  is not our aim. We want to produce quality exotic birds and enjoy them ourselves and help others find 
  quality birds for their enjoyment and if we do not have what you want, then we try to  help you find 
  the birds elsewhere, if at all possible.   We have several friends across the USA that have good quality birds       and we will gladly refer you to them if they have the birds that you desire.

  All of the birds that are pictured on this website are our birds or have been at some time. We owned the 
  birds and we took the pictures of the birds.   We thank God for letting us enjoy their beauty and to be                    caretakers of them.

   We hope that you enjoy our website and we hope that you will check with us if we can help you with your 
  exotic bird collection.      

Thank you for visiting with us and have a wonderful day.  God Bless You!

 White Peacock and two White Peahens
 White peafowl Breeder Pen